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Hosans Studio was established by Chow Kimman in June, 2011, which is dedicated to public art, and sculpture art.



The work content of public art 公共艺术的工作内容

Create site-specific & Editioned artwork.
• Art program visioning services
• 艺术项目愿景服务
• Public art strategies and Masterplans
• 公共艺术战略和总体规划
• Schematic and Detailed design
• 概念和深化设计
• Budget estimation and Cost control
• 预算估计和成本控制
• Construction documentation, Fabrication and Installation
• 绘制施工图、制作和安装
• Project management and Quality control
• 项目管理和质量控制
• Maintenance manuals
• 维护手册







Chow Kimman , Zhou Jian-wen , 周剑文

( Nickname: Hosans , 豪三 )

Visual artist, Public art designer


I’m Chow Kimman (Zhou Jian-wen, aka Hosans) and I’m an artist and public art designer,
I mainly engage artistic creation in the public space, and like to create by the use of diverse media, pay attention to the relationship among the works of art, environment and people. At the same time, I am also keen on art crossover experiment, and trying to expand the art into other areas, just because I am eager to create new and interesting things.







Born December 28, 1986 in Kaiping, China
2006 to the present, living and working in Guangzhou, China


Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, since June 2014; 
Member of the Sculptors Society, since December 2014; 
Member of the Association of Asian Contemporary Sculptors, since March 2014; 
Member of APPortfolio Asia, since November 2014 (ID:5141); 
Member of the Nature Conservancy (#12742363), since January 2014;


• 2006-2011, BFA in Sculpture(Public Art Major), Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China


Group Exhibitions
• April 2016, Incinerator Exhibition, The Sculptors Society, Sydney, NSW, Australia
• November 2015, Art-Tide, CityZine, Beijing+Shanghai+Chengdu+Guangzhou, China
• August 2015, Australia Square Exhibition, The Sculptors Society, Sydney, NSW, Australia
• June 2015, 3 Venue Exhibition, The Sculptors Society, Sydney, NSW, Australia
• March 2015, ART is LIFE is ART, EXCEPTION de MIXMIND, Guangzhou, China
• October 2014, Mindfulness, Inshow art space, Shenzhen, China
• June 2014, NordArt 2014, Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf, Germany
• April 2014, Sculpture at Scenic World, Scenic World, Katoomba, NSW, Australia
• September 2013, Battle of the Nations 1813, BmG, Leipzig, Germany
• March 2013, The 3rd Annual Nature Art Exhibition, Light Space & Time Gallery, Jupiter, FL, USA
• February 2013, Winter Topic: Art and Social Issues, EAS, San Francisco, CA, USA
• November 2012, MTR New Railway Lines Art in Station 2012 Exhibitions of Shortlisted Proposals, MTR, HongKong
• November 2012, Emergent Art Space November 2012 Featured Work Gallery, EAS, San Francisco, CA, USA
• April 2012, 4TH BLOCK VIII International Triennial of Eco-Poster, ICOGRADA, Kiev, Ukraine
• May 2011, GAFA Undergraduates’ Works Exhibition in 2011, Ucity Art Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou, China 
• May 2010, Exhibition of Open Class Series-Works Exhibition of Public Art Modeling Base Experiment Course, Ucity Art Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou, China 
• December 2009, Best Wishes and Thanksgivings to Our Motherland, Ucity Art Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou, China 
• November 2008, Exhibition of Works Created by Subsidized Students, Ucity Art Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou, China 


Awards / Honors
• May 2013, Nomination Prize, the International Sculpture Competition of 2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Exposition, China Academy of sculpture (Qingdao Branch), Qingdao, China 
• March 2013, Special Recognition Award, Nature Art Competition 2013, Light Space & Time Gallery, Jupiter, FL, USA 
• November 2012, Selected for the MTR New Railway Lines Art in Station 2012, MTR, HongKong 
• June 2012, Selected for the “plakat sozial” International Poster Platform, BmG, Leipzig, Germany 
• March 2012, Selected for the 8th “4th Block” International Eco-Poster Triennial, ICOGRADA, Kiev, Ukraine 
• November 2011, Excellent Design Award, “Auto in next 20 years” Theme Conceptualization Sight Design Award, BAIC Group, Beijing, China 


Publications / Catalogues
• August 2015, The Sculptors Society Bulletin August 2015 
• March 2015, Apportfolio vol.5
• June 2014, Catalogue of NordArt 2014
• April 2014, Catalogue of Sculpture at Scenic World 2014
• September 2013, Catalogue of Battle of the Nations 1813
• March 2013, Catalogue of Nature Art Exhibition for Light Space & Time Gallery
• September 2012, Catalogue of Modern Eco-Poster 2009-2012 


Public Collections
• HongKong Taoism Fund, HongKong



Sculpture Portfolio 2015
Public art Portfolio 2013
Public art Portfolio 2011



Zhou Jian-wen was born in 1986 in Kaiping, China. When he was 23 years old, he was fascinated by the charm of public art after seeing the relevant information about public art project in a lecture, and set the determination to this field. Then he joined the college’s public art studio to refine his visual and conceptual language through the architecture, sculpture and spatial analysis. Because he learned basic traditional sculpture before, he could deal with three-dimensional modeling with facility. Meanwhile, he likes pure and simple form of expression. He believes that there is a mutual relationship between artwork, environment and audience, and having collective aesthetic experience and recognized values of cultural and spiritual in his work.



Artist’s statement/ Public art
My arts are created specifically for public space, with the concept set by site. The concepts are created through mind-mapping of brainstorming strategies based on site understanding. By this way, explore the relationship between art and public space, and uncover multiple experience and sensibility in works. I enjoy offering the people of a site an opportunity for discovery and delight.
I develop concepts in close collaboration with the project consultants, landscape architects, the client and civic entities – grounding formal imagery of the artwork within a community vision and within a resilient and tough artistic integrity. My many projects have given me the experience to get projects done on time and within budget, and it is a great pleasure to work with the other design professionals, the client and the public.
Zhou Jian-wen, 2013 
Artist’s statement/ Sculpture
My arts are created specifically for public space, with the concept set by site. My works are diverse in the form, but I tend to simply artistic expression. Simple is very important to me, because the current social life is complicated and busy to me, so I’m inspired to create with the concept of simple beauty, and convey the central theme by such concise way.
Zhou Jian-wen, 2013 
PDF of Artist’s statement/ Public art
PDF of Artist’s statement/ Sculpture