Sculptors Society/ Incinerator Exhibition




My work exhibited at “Incinerator Exhibition”, Willoughby, NSW, Australia.




Start Date & Time: Wednesday, 13 April 2016 10:00 am
End Date & Time: Sunday, 1 May 2016 4:00 pm
Address: Incinerator Art Space, 2 Small St, Willoughby

The Sculptors Society’s third exhibition at Incinerator Art Space will present a dynamic mixture of ideas in bronze, clay, stone, metals and found objects in both realistic and abstracted form; all responding to the sculptors’ ideas about either the earth we live on or the earth we come from.


PDF of The Sculptors Society Bulletin (Mar-April 2016)  






My work “Drive the wind” exhibited at “ART-TIDE”, CITYZINE.


城市画报 / 艺术潮湃展
November 2, 2015 – January 24, 2016
Exhibiting Artists: Lei Mengting, Liang Manrong, Zhang Zhaoying, Huang Wei, Tan Xuan, Ma Shengzhe, Xu Zhongrong(X2R), Zhou Jian-wen, Tushi Design.
Itinerant Location:
Addr. 1: Shimao Plaza, 13 Gongti North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. (2015.11.02-11.15)
Addr. 2: Crystal Galleria, 68 Yuyuan Road, Jingan District, Shanghai, China. (2015.11.23-12.06)
Addr. 3: Paradise Walk, 66 Jin Ji West 1 Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, China. (2015.12.11-12.24)
Addr. 4: Happy Valley, 36 Ma Chang Road, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou, China. (2016.01.09-01.24)
2015年11月2号 – 2016年1月24号
联合潮流品牌:MLGB (李晨)、DAHOOD (郑恺)、热血 (陈建州)、MR.A、宁死不屈、DUEPLAY、DEBRAND。
马晟哲 X 蓝鸟
徐仲荣 X 蓝鸟
周剑文 X 蓝鸟
兔屎文化 x 蓝鸟
雷梦婷 X MLGB
谭轩 X 热血
梁曼勇 X MR.A
马晟哲 X 宁死不屈

Photography by Wang Yang.
Drive the wind
Dimensions: 88x66x7.5 cm
Materials: Stainless steel, Acrylic
尺寸:88x66x7.5 cm
More info:
• 影响现代年轻潮流风向,首届“亚太艺术潮湃展”在京袭来 

Sculptors Society/ Australia Square Exhibition




My work exhibited at “Australia Square Exhibition”, Sydney, Australia.





Venue: Australia Square at 264 George St, Sydney. is in the heart of Sydney’ CBD, directly opposite Wynyard Station.

Dates: 3 – 21 August, 2015
Features: The cylindrical structure of Australia Square is an architectural icon and the perfect venue for a sculptural exhibition. The large round foyer with vast glass walls allow for exceptional presentation of 3 dimensional work. Tens of thousands of Sydney-siders pass Australia Square each day and the premises has many leading Australian and international clients.



Sculptors Society/ 3 Venues Exhibition




My work exhibited at “3 Venues exhibition”, Sydney, Australia.



Dear Friends,
We are about to launch our first 3 Venue Exhibition in Sydney’s CBD and invite you all to come and see the artworks of our members in the wonderful foyers of 3 different AMP buildings.

The Sculptors Society

NAB House 29 June – 17 July
255 George Street, Sydney
AMP Building 29 June – 7 August
50 Bridge Street, Sydney
Angel Place 29 June – 21 August
123 Pitt Street, Sydney
Hours: 8am – 6pm
Sculptor on duty: 10am – 3pm
Enquiries: Feyona van Stom
Proudly supported by: AMP CAPITAL



Complexity 1, Zhou Jian-wen 

Photography © The Sculptors Society.



PDF of The Sculptors Society Bulletin (August 2015)  


AAM / Apportfolio vol.5




The 亞洲青年創作集錄 APPortfolio Vol.5 have been published.


my works on page 282.




Exception / ART is LIFE is ART




My work “The fold of flower” exhibited at “ART is LIFE is ART”, EXCEPTION de MIXMIND, Fangsou Commune, TaiKoo Hui, Guangzhou, China.









尺寸:2.5m 高





More info:
• 例外2015 | 回顧【一味·生活藝術作品展】精彩瞬間 
• 雅昌新闻 | “一味·生活艺术作品展”来穗 
• 南方网-岭南文化-新闻 | “一味·生活艺术作品展”来穗 
• 城市画报微信平台 | 迎着春风,去赏钢骨布衣“筑”成的花 





I’m honored to join the Sculptors Society.




About the Sculptors Society:
The Sculptors Society was founded in 1951 and is the oldest sculpture society in New South Wales. The founding President of the Society was Dennis Winston with Lyndon Dadswell as Vice-President. Founding members also included Gerald Lewers, Paul Beadle, Bim Hilder, Frank Lamb, Robert Klippel, Joe Mason, Owen Broughton and Anita Aarons. Later members included Clement Meadmore, Len and Kath Shillam, Oliffe Richmond, Douglas Annand, Bert Flugelman, Alan Ingham and Margo Lewers. The Society has over its lifetime provided a launching pad for the careers of many well-known and highly regarded sculptors, also including May Barrie, Diana Hunt, Anna Cohn, Errol Davis, Alan Somerville and many many others.





Mindfulness exhibition by the Association of Asian Contemporary Sculptors(China)
2014.9.27 – 2014.10.15
Address: Inshow art space, Villa T2-306, Southern of CITIC Mangrove Bay, BaiShi 3 Rd., Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518053, P.R.China
Host: The Association of Asian Contemporary Sculptors(China)
Sponsors: Shenzhen Huaxia collection Auction Co. Ltd.
Organizer: Inshow art space
Media support: Nanfang Daily
靜觀慢嘆 2014 —— 亚洲现代雕塑展 (中国·深圳)
2014年9月27日 – 2014年10月15日
展览地点:隐舍inshow艺术生活空间 (深圳市南山区沙河东路转白石三道中信红树湾南区别墅T2-306)

The exhibition hall of Inshow art space.


The whirlpool of time, Zhou Jian-wen



RBS / Zhou Jian-wen




I’m honored to join the Royal British Society of Sculptors (RBS).


About RBS: In 1905 the Society had 51 members, including all the leading sculptors of the day, many of whom were internationally recognised. In recognition of their achievements, it received royal patronage in 1911 and became the Royal Society of British Sculptors. The principle aims of the Society have been variously interpreted over the years but there has always been a strong educational element in its activities, with respect to both professional standards and public knowledge/awareness. In recognition of this it was given charitable status in 1963. In this decade it was also generously bequeathed the premises it still occupies by the late sculptor Cecil Thomas. In the 1990s it began an active exhibition programme by opening a Gallery at its headquarters and mounting large off site shows. This period of renewed activity attracted artists worldwide and in 2003 the Society recognised its growing number of internationally based sculptors as full members by changing its name and constitution to become the Royal British Society of Sculptors.







I’m honored to join the Association of Asian Contemporary Sculptors (AACS).



Detailed introduction of AACS (20141005, PDF file, Chinese) 






My work “HUMAN NATURE” selected in the international exhibition NordArt 2014.





About Kunstwerk Carlshütte: Kunstwerk Carlshütte is a non-profit cultural initiative and organises the NordArt, an annual international exhibition of visual arts from June to the beginning of October. NordArt is one of the largest juried exhibition of contemporary art in Europe, representing all facets of visual arts. Against the striking backdrop of the former foundry Carlshütte, Chief curator and artist Wolfgang Gramm creates an all-encompassing piece of art each year, composed of works by some 250 selected artists from all over the world. Nearly 3000 artists from 101 countries have applied for NordArt 2014.


Sculpture Park at Kunstwerk Carlshuette.
Photography © NordArt.

My work in the lake.
Photography © NordArt.
VIRTUAL TOUR of the NordArt 2014: Explore the NordArt 2014 from many angles and take a tour across the fairgrounds by using the arrow keys. Even if the virtual tour cannot replace the actual experience it gives you an impression of what to expect. Have fun and enjoy!
To the tour: www.kunstwerk-carlshuette.de/rundgang_2014/en/
More info:





My Sculpture “Life and Natural Beauty” selected to participate in the forthcoming Sculpture at Scenic World 2014!




Now in its third year, Sculpture at Scenic World is delighted to invite artists to an open call for submissions
for Australia’s only rainforest exhibition. Held between Thursday 24 April – Sunday 18 May 2014, this outdoor
exhibition will provide local, national and international artists an exciting opportunity to exhibit their works within the natural splendour of the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains. Up to 40 works will be exhibited on the valley floor, and a walk along the elevated boardwalks will give visitors the opportunity to view world class sculptures in an unparalleled setting.

JURY Anthony Bond OAM, Richard Goodwin, Binghui Huangfu.
MANAGER Lizzy Marshall
List of exhibiting artists (34) Angus Adameitis, Kay Andonopoulos, Elianna Apostolides, Paul Begg, Bronwyn Berman, Chris Caines & James Hurley, Ana Carter, Simon Alexander Cook, Culkin + Geyer (James and Beata), Jayanto Damanik, Gordon Dogswood, Roger Foley-fogg, Todd Fuller, Linda Galbraith, Nigel Harrison, Hobart Hughes, Adam James k, Zhou Jian-wen, Daniel Kojta, Michael Mandelc, Ted Nettle, Darragh O’Callaghan, Kirsteen Pieterse, Sandra Pitkin, Louis Pratt, Deborah Redwood, Tobias Richardson, Morgan Shimeld, Jacqueline Spedding, David Sudmalis, Marcus Tatton, Henryk Topolnicki, Terrance Wright, Kayo Yokoyama.


More: Selected artists (PDF)  
Media Release: Sculpture at Scenic World reveals breathtaking line-up for 2014  





© Scenic world, Albums on Instagram, 2014/4/27

2014 Teachers’ Kit K-6 (Page 10)

PDF of the 2014 Public Programmes  

PDF of the 2014 Teachers’ Kit K-6 (Page 10)  

PDF of Nine garden design problems and how to fix them – GardenDrum  






My posters Selected and Exhibited at the “Battle of the Nations 1813″, Leipzig.










Völkerschlacht 1813. plakativ, satirisch, nachbetrachtet.

9. September bis 20. Oktober 2913


Plakatausstellung anlässlich der Völkerschlacht bei Leipzig 1813 und
des 100jährigen Jubiläums der Einweihung des Völkerschlachtdenkmals 1913


Foyer der alten Börse
Intendanz des MDR
Eingang Kantstraße 71-73
04275 Leipzig


List of participating poster artists (24): Marlena Buszek, Jochen Fiedler Deutschland, Klaus Rähm Deutschland, John Benoit Levy, Saleh Zanganeh, Taber Calderon, Falko Mieth Deutschland, Ulrich Strube Deutschland, Falk Fiedler Deutschland, Alexander Jordan, Götz Gramlich Deutschland, Michael Wilhelm Deutschland, Erhard Grüttner Deutschland, Jan Rajlich d. J., Grit Fiedler Deutschland, Klaus Schmidt Deutschland, Zhou Jian-Wen, Hans Wiesenhütter Deutschland, Klaus Lubina Deutschland, Bernd Hanke Deutschland, Simone Latzkow Deutschland, Pablo di Firma, Loui Yanez, Hubert Riedel Deutschland.


More: Exhibition information (PDF) 




Zhou Jian-wen

“Battle of the nations” is the big war between Napoleon’s army and anti-Fascist allied forces in Leipzig,
90000 soldiers died in this battle, Local people had to be faced with the fear of war, Intangible psychic trauma was thereby formed.

Digital Printing | 42×60 cm | 2013

What do we actually want?

Zhou Jian-wen

Wars only bring us death and can destroy the once good home as well as the happy families and children’s wonderful childhood.

Digital Printing | 42×60 cm | 2013





My proposal “生命之树 (Tree of Life)” was shortlisted for the International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao – International Sculpture Competition (2014年世界园艺博览会国际雕塑大赛).


PDF of All Shortlisted Proposals (中文)  


Tree of Life, Zhou Jian-wen 






My proposal “Converging (聚)” designed for the Admiralty Station (ADM) was shortlisted for the solicitation competition of MTR New Railway Lines Art in Station 2012 (港铁新线路车站艺术计划2012)* .


* “MTR New Railway Lines Art in Station 2012″ This project will be add some artworks for several of new stations in the future, They will be procured by open competition.

More: All Shortlisted Proposals (PDF) 


The shortlisted proposals for the “MTR New Railway Lines Art in Station 2012” are displayed at Sheung Wan Station (until 22 November) and Hung Hom Station (from 19 November to 23 November)!


Converging (聚), Zhou Jian-wen 






I’m honored to with many excellent poster artists on PLAKAT SOZIAL (International platform for posters with social content).
















In the knowledge that we are unable to prevent such crimes from occurring, we nevertheless wish to put an end to our silent helplessness. The crime has prompted us to appeal to the public, using our art, our posters, to draw attention to the social problems of our society. We want to stimulate contemplation, for our work to strengthen and support people in stating their humanist views publically. Posters such as these are images that strengthen the awareness of the observer. They may also help to anchor key social themes in the daily thoughts and actions of many people, and to influence these positively.

We therefore appeal to committed poster artists to unite in a group under the banner “plakat-sozial.de” to put an end to our mute helplessness.

We wish to create a platform on which all artists can publicise their socially involved works. These works should express the personal views of their creators at a high artistic standard. Our platform is open to poster artists wishing to make a personal contribution. We want to exercise our democratic rights, get involved and show where we stand.


The following individuals are involved with this platform:

Dr. Sylke Wunderlich, art theorist, Stiftung Plakat OST, Berlin
Bernd Hanke, freelance graphic artist, Dresden
Jochen Fiedler, freelance graphic artist, Leipzig
Gert Wunderlich, freelance typographer and poster artist, Leipzig
Ulrich Strube, Chairman of the Verband mitteldeutscher Grafikdesigner, Leipzig





My posters Selected and Exhibited at the “4TH BLOCK” VIII International Triennial of Eco-Poster.
They were exhibited in Kiev, they then travel to the exhibition halls of the Kharkov, and in October onto the International Biennale “Golden Bee” in Moscow.





























THE TRIENNIAL IS CONDUCTED UNDER THE AEGIS OF International Council of Graphic Design Association (ICOGRADA), International Biennales Coordinating Committee (IBCC)
FOUNDER AND ORGANIZER OF THE TRIENNIAL Association of Graphic Designers “The 4th Block”
CURATORS OF TRIENNIAL Eugene Semenenko, Nadia Pereviznyk, Oksana Shevchenko, Alyona Solomadina, Anastasia Kulazhenko, Olga Severina, Eugene Nozdrachev, Serge Serov.
JUDGES Lex Drewinski, Radovan Jenko, Anna Naumova, Vitaly Shostya, Martin Woodtli.
SELECTION COMMITTEE Nikolai Kovalenko, Vladimir Lesnyak, Maria Norazyan, Alyona Solomadina,
Dmitry Zakharov.

The first time in Kyiv!!!

19-29 April 2012
Institute of Problems of Contemporary Art, National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Museum of Contemporary Art, National Museum «Chornobyl», gallery «Minus 4»

«The 4thBlock» is art and environment project with world geography, over than 20-years history and high reputation in international professional circles. This project demonstrates achievements of the world poster of environmental direction every three years (triennial). The main exposition seven previous triennial was held in Kharkiv, and was exhibited, in Denmark, Great Britain, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Russia, USA besides Ukraine. The triennial will be held in Kiev this year for the first time.

Project initiates and sums up competition of graphic designers for the eighth time and combine it with environmental education activities and social events. It was founded in 1991 by participants of Chernobyl elimination and young painters of Kharkov. It was named in memory of the exploded Unit 4. Exhibition triennial has become world art forum that emphasizes protection of the environment.
Exhibitions of posters in four locations will be supported by art and environment actions, series of master-classes of famous designers: Martin Vudtli (Switzerland), Lex Drevinsky (Germany), Vitaly Shostya (Ukraine), Anna Naumova (Russia), Radovan Genco (Slovenia). Designers and ecologists from boarding and distanced countries will come to Kiev.

The art level and geography of participants make it possible to hold triennial «The 4th Block» together with international exhibitions such as Biannual Graphic Design in Brno (Czech), International Biannual Graphic Design «Gold Bee» in Moscow, International Biannual of Poster in Colorado (USA) and others.

Organizer: Association of graphic designers «The 4th Block»
Under the aegis of Fund of Rinat Akhmetov «Development Of Ukraine», design — bureau KARANDASH
Partners: Institute of Problems of Contemporary Art, National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Museum of Contemporary Art, National Museum «Chornobyl», Organization of Union of Designers Ukraine in Kiev, Young Organization CSDU «VARTO», Organization of Union of Designers Ukraine in Kharkiv, State Academy of Design and Art in Kharkiv, Central European University (Budapest), International Union of Designers (Moscow), State Institute of Arts and Crafts and Designs named after M. Boychuk, Fund of Development and Support of Graphic Design «Gold Bee» (Moscow, Russia), Project Ecowiki.ru (Moscow), Municipal Gallery of Kharkiv, AMK «BUMERANG», CC «Kharkovenergyrepair», «Chornobyl — TUR».
Information partners: newspaper «Den’», magazines «KAK» (Moscow), «Proector» (St. Petersburg), «Repriza» (Kharkov), «Showroom +38» (Kharkov).


More: Selected list (PDF)  



Zhou Jian-wen

The extinction of animals, mostly dues to excessive hunting humans, in the pale memory vaguely we can only remember its appearance. a hand applicator means to animals disappeared in the picture, as we human killed their lives by our hands, Hope not to hurt the animals any more, do not let this planet be only left over our humanity.

Digital Printing | 60×90 cm | 2012


Zhou Jian-wen

The extinction of animals, mostly dues to excessive hunting humans, in the pale memory vaguely we can only remember its appearance. a hand applicator means to animals disappeared in the picture, as we human killed their lives by our hands, Hope not to hurt the animals any more, do not let this planet be only left over our humanity.

Digital Printing | 60×90 cm | 2012





Exhibition of Open Class Series: Works Exhibition of Public Art Modeling Base Experiment Course

Period: May 11th to 16th, 2010
Venue: University City Art Museum of GAFA
Hall: NO. 10
Organizers: 2006 Sculpture Public Art
Sponsor: Department of Sculpture of GAFA , University City Art Museum of GAFA
Public Arts Major in Sculpture Department is a newly established and special direction in our department. The exhibition works are created by the students who have public art design courses in base experiments.
“Sculpture Integrated Structure” and “Space Design Basic” are the courses of Public Art Major. Its aim is to train students’ ability and thought of relation between art and space.
The students in Sculpture Major can search his own way to express his art concept.
We express our gratitude to the leaders in our university, the teachers in our department and the University City Art Museum of GAFA.

Exhibition site
“Transparent trauma”
Zhou Jian-wen, Model demo, 40X40CM, 2010




Zhou Jian-wen, Model demo, 30X30CM, 2010