Hosans | Zhou Jian-wen | Chow Kimman | 周剑文 | Hosans Studio



Designer / Chow Kimman
Project / MTR New Railway Lines Art in Station
Location / HK 
Materials / Stainless steel, acrylic, seamless steel,
                   clock device, gear, rack, ball guide,
                   LED lamp
Dimensions / 6 x 6 x 6.5 m
Date / September 2012

This sculpture piece relates to the special nature of the location by combining dials for hours, minutes and seconds with that for global time zones to form a “time tower” that shows the time from different parts of the world. This illustrates that, as a cosmopolis, Hong Kong is a converging point for talents from around the world who work in concert to leave a dazzling trajectory in time.