Hosans | Zhou Jian-wen | Chow Kimman | 周剑文 | Hosans Studio



Designer / Chow Kimman
Project / MTR New Railway Lines Art in Station
Location / HK 
Materials / Stainless steel
Dimensions / 1.3 x 1.3 x 4 m
Date / September 2012

Hong Kong has developed under an environment in which eastern and western cultures mingle. Along some age-old streets in Kennedy Town, trees are seen growing with their roots clinging tenaciously to stone walls. These century-old trees have witnessed the course of history and the humanistic anecdotes of this community. This set of art work imitates two patterns formed by the stone walls and the tree roots, suggesting respectively the mingling of eastern and western cultures and the delight arising from the reminiscing of history. When people wander in between these two patterns, they form a new picture depicting the mingling of eastern and western cultures as well as spreading growth.