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Sculptors Society/ 3 Venues Exhibition


My work exhibited at “3 Venues exhibition”, Sydney, Australia.















Dear Friends,
We are about to launch our first 3 Venue Exhibition in Sydney’s CBD and invite you all to come and see the artworks of our members in the wonderful foyers of 3 different AMP buildings.

The Sculptors Society

NAB House 29 June – 17 July
255 George Street, Sydney
AMP Building 29 June – 7 August
50 Bridge Street, Sydney
Angel Place 29 June – 21 August
123 Pitt Street, Sydney
Hours: 8am – 6pm
Sculptor on duty: 10am – 3pm
Enquiries: Feyona van Stom
Proudly supported by: AMP CAPITAL



Complexity 1, Zhou Jian-wen

Photography © The Sculptors Society.


NAB House, 255 George Street, Sydney

Photography © Google Map



The Sculptors Society Bulletin (August 2015)

PDF of The Sculptors Society Bulletin (August 2015)