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Sculpture at Scenic World


I was excited for my work exhibited at “Sculpture at Scenic World 2014″, Australia today.

Opening of Sculpture at Scenic World 2014

Sculpture at Scenic World

posted: 24 April 2014

Now in its third year, Sculpture at Scenic World 2014 includes 30 artists exhibiting in Australia’s only rainforest exhibition. The 25-day exhibition includes diverse Public Programmes including the popular Sculpture for Small People workshops.


Held between 24 April – 18 May 2014, the outdoor exhibition provides local, national and international artists an exciting opportunity to exhibit their works within the natural splendour of the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains. An independent panel have selected 30 artworks by 30 artists to exhibit on the valley floor, and a walk along the elevated boardwalks will give visitors the opportunity to view world class sculptures in an unparalleled setting.


2014 Exhibiting Artists:

• Angus Adameitis (NSW),
• Kay Andonopoulos (NSW),
• Elianna Apostolides (NSW),
• Paul Begg (Blue Mountains),
• Bronwyn Berman (NSW),
• Ana Carter (NSW),
• Simon Alexander Cook (NSW),
• Culkin + Geyer (Blue Mountains),
• Jayanto Damanik (NSW),
• DoGsWooD (NSW),
• Roger Foley-fogg (Blue Mountains),
• Todd Fuller (NSW),
• Linda Galbraith (NSW),
• Hobart Hughes (NSW),
• Adam James k (Blue Mountains),
Zhou Jian-wen (PRC),
• Daniel Kojta (Blue Mountains),
• Ted Nettle (NSW),
• Kirsteen Pieterse (Hong Kong),
• Sandra Pitkin (NSW),
• Louis Pratt (NSW),
• Deborah Redwood (NSW),
• Tobias Richardson (Blue Mountains),
• Morgan Shimeld (NSW),
• Jacqueline Spedding (Blue Mountains),
• David Sudmalis (Blue Mountains),
• Marcus Tatton (Tasmania),
• Henryk Topolnicki (Blue Mountains),
• Terrence Wright (NSW),
• Kayo Yokoyama (Blue Mountains).

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Public Programmes

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Teachers’ Kits

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