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Spirituality & Clear mind


Designer / Chow Kimman
Design Company / Gogar Art (HK) Limited
Project / The CHAOHU Holiday Inn.
Location / Hefei, CN
Date / May 2012

This scheme uses Hui ink stick to redraw the good reputation in former days – ink with countryside charm and activity in Chinese painting (spirituality) and the mental state in calligraphy (clear mind).


* Spirituality & Clear mind: 灵·净



This project takes a Hui-style(徽派) hotel in Anhui for the design of landscape sculpture.



Materials / Glossy stainless steel, Water,
                   Wire drawing stainless steel
Dimensions / 6.2 x 6.2 x 2 m

The spirit of plum blossom of defying bitter cold and blooming in the icy environment is restructured in the form of ink, symbolizing the spirit of tough will and elegance. Facilities for water injection are installed in the center of the flower so that the pistil with the strongest life force as well as ceaseless vitality can be reflected by water. Meanwhile, the splash is sent back to the center of flower by five petals, which means “rich water should be kept in one’s own fields”(肥水不流外人田). This work, located at the entrance of the building group, means that flowers bloom to welcome guests happily.



Materials / Glossy stainless steel, Water,
                   Wire drawing stainless steel,
                   Black carp
Dimensions / 6 x 3.5 x 1.45 m

Three ink-like stones lie in the water upside down. The flowing water circinately appears on each stone’s top platform. The water goes out of its center slowly and falls down along its edge little by little… The combination of activity and inertia calls out the definition of time and samsara.





Materials / Polishing marble,
                   Wire drawing stainless steel
Dimensions / 9.25 x 6 x 0.6 m

Merchants from Anhui enjoy the reputation of being Hui Camel(徽骆驼), which is a spiritual symbol of humiliation endurance and fortitude. The most special elements are extracted from camels’ appearance and are compared to peaks of beautiful scenery. This group of works has the proper height for people to have a seat and a rest. Walking into it, people will have a feeling of being in an elegant and quiet situation.



Materials / Polishing marble,
                   Wire drawing stainless steel
Dimensions / 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 m

This work puts the wonderful landscape into the central works by means of view borrowing. Meanwhile, the dynamic ink continually shows the beautiful scenery, so the splendid sights are of no end.