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The Sound of Forest


Designer / Chow Kimman
Project / Red dot award : design concept 2013
Location / Red dot traffic, SG
Materials / Acrylic, Stainless steel,
                   Micro Music Player, Speaker
Dimensions / 0.3 x 0.3 x 0.55 m
Date / April 2013
The Sound of Forest
– Bring a glimmer of easiness to a bustling downtown and make you enchanted by the natural music.
In the process of urban construction, a large quantity of reinforced concrete devoured the forests in nature, and drove away the animals which originally lived on this land, thus leading to the ecological imbalance and causing all kinds of problems. The longer people live in the city, the more they would forget about the original beautiful natural environment. Many mechanical noises in the city fill our ears everyday. We have lost the opportunity to enjoy the natural melody. By the Sound of Forest we hope to create a green environment, set up this installation at the region with dense traffic, broadcast all kinds of natural sounds, and play up natural scenery in the brain of people, thus relieving the whiny mood, bringing green sound to the city and increasing the vigor of the city.